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In the spirit of the free philosophic inquiry that characterized the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the Rose+Croix Journal is an international, interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on topics that relate to the sciences, history, the arts, mysticism, and spirituality, especially interdisciplinary topics, and transdisciplinary inquiries that traverse and lie beyond the limits of different fields of study. These topics may relate to any of the arts and sciences and/or to other emerging fields of human endeavor.

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ISSN: 1553-9156

The Rose+Croix Journal is seeking papers for its next online issue published each year. The deadline for submission of papers is February 15 every year. 

For a full description of the requirements for papers, please view our Guidelines for Submission.

Questions may also be sent to the Editor-in-Chief.

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“The full pursuit and service to light, life and love is a never-ending challenge, demanding intelligence, flexibility and all the abilities of our minds and souls. Paul J. Werbos, in “Rebuilding the Bridge Between Science and Mysticism"”
- Paul J. Werbos, in “Rebuilding the Bridge Between Science and