Rose+Croix Journal Research Team

This all-volunteer team has two complementary research missions – to corroborate and amplify the Rosicrucian teachings and similar teachings in terms of modern research, and in turn to leverage Rosicrucian teachings as guideposts for future research. In addition, the team supports other research on topics of interest to Rosicrucians. Initially science focused, the team activities now extend to the liberal and fine arts.

In addition, the team has a third mission – to pioneer research protocols and standards of academic authority for studies of intuitive and other subjective phenomena and of consciousness, all of which are topics of interest to Rosicrucians. Such studies challenge the notion of a detached observer/experimenter and the ability to replicate results under seemingly identical controlled conditions. There is an additional forcing function. Science, mathematics, and even logic are encountering their own limitations, and in doing this, they herald a possible “scientific method after next.”

The team meets regularly via teleconference and offers opportunities for academically credentialed members of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC to collaborate on projects that can lead to publishable research findings. Some research activities are conducted at various Affiliated Bodies. Research findings are published in the Rose+Croix Journal.

Members of the Order who would like to support existing research projects or collaborate with other members on new research projects are invited to submit their academic credentials, areas of interest, and research hypotheses that they would like to investigate to We invite participation from all members irrespective of nationality or culture. Our research team is geographically dispersed and has no "residency requirement."

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“Scientific theories are understood in scientific realism as describing physical objects that have an objective existence. When the scientific description of objects is closely examined, however, no objectively existing entity is found.”
- Thomas J. McFarlane, The Non-dual Root of Science and Religion