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Planispheric depiction of the Ptolemaic system. (A. Cellarius, Harmonia Macrocosmica, Amsterdam, 1660)Paper Preparation Guidelines

The Rose+Croix Journal accepts papers written in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.  Papers are published in the author’s native language from among these five languages.  Abstracts of published papers are provided in all five languages.

As a peer-reviewed scholarly journal, we ask that all papers comply with the following provisions:

An abstract is REQUIRED. The abstract should reflect the scope and content of the paper including the results, interpretations, and conclusions as applicable. In addition, the abstract needs to be usable by journal abstracting and indexing services.

The Rose+Croix Journal will translate the abstracts into, and publish them in, as many languages as possible that correspond to the Grand Lodges and their respective Jurisdictions, depending on the linguistic and translational capabilities of the editorial board. 

The paper should begin with a brief introduction or orientation to the topic. This brief introduction should be written so that it is readable by those of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. 

To expedite the review process and maximize the impact of the paper, it should contain subheadings as appropriate, e.g., introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions, etc. 

References are REQUIRED. All references should be cited in the manuscript according to Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition) style. For arts and humanities papers, please use Chicago’s bibliographic endnotes style. For scientific papers, you may use Chicago’s in-text citation and reference list style. If you use the bibliographical endnote style, an additional works cited reference list is not required. An additional sources bibliography, or a full bibliography is acceptable, and must be in Chicago’s bibliography style.

Papers in the Rose+Croix Journal must be bias-free and use gender-neutral language. Please view the Journal’s Bias-Free Guidelines, as well as our particular style sheet. We offer additional guidelines that you may find useful. 

To submit your paper, please e-mail it as a MS Word file compatible with PC users, to Editor in Chief . Normally it will not be necessary to submit a printed copy of your paper in addition to the electronic copy. 

If after receiving the electronic copy, the Rose+Croix Journal Editorial Staff determines that a printed copy is needed (for example, to resolve formatting issues), we will so advise you.

Additional Information

For authors who are NOT masters of any of the languages in which we publish, we recommend that you employ the services of a competent editor in your target language before submitting the paper to the Rose+Croix Journal Editorial Staff. Authors of papers in languages other than English must supply a good English translation of their paper, for the review process. If approved, the paper will still be published in the original language, however, the translation is necessary for the review process. 

The Editorial Board will also function as a mentoring forum, so that contributors who are new to scholarly publishing and research can receive expert advice on writing publishable scholarly papers.

Following these instructions will assure that your paper will be given the best possible consideration, and if published, printed with minimal errors. Thank you.

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“The cosmos as measured and described by science is thus more appropriately viewed as order rather than objective substance.”
- Thomas J. McFarlane, in “The Non-dual Root of Science and Reli