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Welcome to our second year of publication! We thank all of the readers of our 2004 issue, and we know that this year's selection of papers will engage the minds and hearts of our readership! We are happy to announce that it is even easier to find the Rose+Croix Journal now, since we have received recognition with an International Standard Serial Number (1553-9156) and a full listing in the United States' Library of Congress Catalog. Please alert your local library so that the Rose+Croix Journal can be listed as an electronic resource available to all.

The Rose+Croix Journal is an international, transdisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on topics that relate to the sciences, history, the arts, mysticism and spirituality, especially transdisciplinary topics that traverse and lie beyond the limits of different fields of study.  

This issue features the following papers: “Entanglement, Causality and the Cohesion of Spacetime” by Michael A. Amaral, MD; “Exploring the Efficacy of Vowel Intonations” by Melanie Braun, M. Mus.;  “Rosicrucian Landmarks Preserved in Greek Isopsephia (Gematria)” by Doss McDavid, Ph.D.; “Réflexions sur l'atome, la gravitation et l'énergie” by Michel Myara, D.E.A d'astrométrie et mécanique céleste; “Practices Supporting Dzogchen – The Great Perfection of Tibetan Buddhism” by Neal J. Pollock, MA, ND; “Newton and the International year of Physics” by Pieter C. Wagener, Ph.D.; “Proposing a New Approach to Mind, Consciousness and Reason” by Robert E. Watson, B.A. (Oxon), MSc.; “Meditation from Neurological and Rosicrucian Perspectives” by G. Bryan Young, MD. These papers successfully explore our subject areas and transdisciplinary topics and expand our understanding of the natural laws around us.

The abstracts for each of these papers are published in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. The papers themselves are published in the author's original language. Also included in this issue are dissertation searches, research links, archival documents of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC and information on how to submit a paper. The submission deadline for the next issue of the Rose+Croix Journal is February 15, 2006.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this issue.


Christian Bernard
Executive Editor


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“The alchemists sought to actually work with the transcendental powers during meditation to bring the transformative powers from the divine mind directly into their practical work in the lab and their personal work in the inner laboratory of their souls.”
- Dennis William Hauck, in “Searching for the Cosmic Quintessenc